Friday, December 2, 2011

Meeting Santa

So tired! Waited until the last minute to do my Marketing assignment again, and Savannah was up every few hours last night, so I'm super tired! Gotta drop Connor off at school in a little bit and then head to Woodman's to pick up the food for Savannah's Birthday Party!

So Wednesday night we headed to the mall to get Miss. Savannah's ears pierced (which she did amazing with by the way), afterwards we grabbed some dinner and then went to see Santa. It took a little persuasion but both kids sat on Santa's lap! Connor even asked for 2 presents from Santa, so glad that he talked to him! Both presents by the way are currently wrapped in the basement so Santa wont disappoint him this year :) I really wasn't going to push the whole Santa issue but I kind of got sucked into the whole parade of it, oh well I guess, there are worse things for kids to believe in, right?

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