Sunday, December 18, 2011

A New Cast

Savannah is sleeping and I'm thinking about joining her soon even though there is still a ton to do around the house. I hate when Scott lets me sleep in to much because then it seems most of my day is gone and then nothing gets done. Yes I know I'm complaining about him letting me sleep in, lol, but I've told him countless times that 9:30 a.m. at the LATEST, cause any later I really get more crabby!

So Thursday night after Christmas with Betty we came home and started getting ready for bed. Connor & I decided we were going to go outside and play for a few minutes while Scott got Savannah's PJ's on. Well we were outside for a minute and then decided to come back inside to find some gloves. Well we never ended up going back outside because all I heard is, "Babe, we have a problem!" Well Miss. Savannah's cast fell off! WTF. I didn't know that could happen! So I had to call GHC, wait almost an hour for them to call me back, for them to tell me to call UW, then had to wait for them to call me back, for them to tell me to come into the ER, then for me to call GHC back to make sure that a proper authorization went through. Thankfully Uncle Andy was available to go with me to the ER because I really didn't feel like going by myself, I was already super tired and needed someone to help me stay awake, so I met him at the mall at around 10 p.m. and we made the drive in. We got to see a nurse right away and got back in a room fairly quickly but then we waited and waited....... thankfully all of the Dr's were really nice when they stopped in, they were just busy and we eventually got her re-casted and we got to leave. They made the cast a little longer and bent her arm a little more in hopes that this will not happen again. This time we decided to go with another Christmas cast, and also Connor & Scott's favorite color - Green!

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