Friday, December 23, 2011

Employment Law

So I really need to get working on my cake and cupcakes and also my cut out cookies that I need to make today, but I just got Savannah to take a nap and both kids have been crazy this morning so it's nice to have a little break and just sit here for awhile. Scott had to go into work this morning for a few hours, then he was stopping at GG's house to drop off the presents for tomorrow night and also stopping at Woodman's to get a few things I need to get us by until Monday.

On Wednesday I finished up with my second class of the semester, Employment Law. The grade for the class was made up of 4 tests and 10 discussion boards. However the discussion boards were pretty pointless basically we just had to somewhat respond do the question and we got full points. We didn't have to respond to anyone elses posts, which I thought was the whole point of discussion boards, to get people talking to each other, but oh well I guess. The textbook was okay for a textbook, however when they posted case discussions I wish they would have summarized them instead of just copying them because without a law background some of the wording was a little over my head. As far as the instructor for the course, Nancy Johnson, if I wouldn't have just looked up her name I wouldn't have known it. This course was all do it yourself, which is okay for me. I did end up getting an A in the course, which gives me perfect honors for the semester and brings me 1 class closer to graduation and graduating with honors - really hope that happens!

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