Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday Bath

Lazy Sunday morning so far. It's almost 10 a.m. and we still haven't eaten breakfast, but we have talked about it, so that counts, right? Lol! We have a birthday party to go to today, and then possibly stopping by the Moore's house to watch the end of the Dolphin Game. Depends on how long we're at the birthday party though.

So on Savannah's Birthday, after breakfast she needed to take a bath because of all the eggs in her hair and the fact she was getting birthday pictures taken soon. So in the bath she went. She actually ended up taking 2 bath's that day. 1 after breakfast and 1 at night time (part of our usual bedtime routine). She absolutely loves baths and she would stay in there all day if we let her. She always crys when we take her out......

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