Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas With Betty

So I just heard the Packer's lost their first game of the year, lol! Awesome! They will probably go on to win the Super Bowl but to be faithful to my dear hubby who is a Dolphin's fan and holds the record of being the only team that's undefeated, I'm glad the Packer's lost and can not take that record! Plus I hate Rodgers!

So on Thursday we went over to Jim & Pat's house to celebrate Christmas with Betty since she goes out to Colorado to visit with her sister for Christmas, so we always do it early. We got some Little Cesar's Pizza for dinner and then got to open presents! Both boys got an awesome Imagainex Dinosaur along with How to Train Your Dragon Movie. The Girls got the Zany Zoo toy, which is awesome! Matt & Scott both got new jerseys and a case of beer, Chrissy & I also got some team apparel! We gave Betty some Christmas Pictures, some canned goods (pickles & banberry jam) and I also made her a UW Wisconsin fleece blanket that had pictures on it. We also do Secret Santa, I had Pat, Scott had Betty, Jim had me, and Chrissy or Matt had Scott (can't remember, and I'd ask Scott but he's currently taking a nap with Savannah, lol). It's always a lot of fun and of course the kids love getting presents early! Now onto the next Christmas event! This season is going by so fast! Only a week left until the big day!

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