Monday, December 19, 2011

Cristmas At The Lodge

Monday - check! Only a few more days to go until Connor is on his 1st ever Christmas Break! Oops, sorry, did I say Christmas Break? I mean Holiday Break! Please forgive me, lol. Okay, I can completely understand why they need to call it a Holiday Break instead of Christmas Break, but a friend of mine just posted on FB that their child's teacher e-mailed them today talking about all the holiday's they will celebrate this week, and guess what? She mentioned every holiday you could think of except Christmas. How can you leave out Christmas if you are celebrating every other Holiday? Isn't that a form of discrimination? Okay, I don't want to get in a debate about it, so I'll stop there!

So Saturday we took Connor to Karate, then headed to the library, did a little shopping and then headed to The Lodge for a Christmas Celebrating (VFW for those of you who are not familiar with the family "terminology", lol) The kids got to sit on Santa's lap (all of which did, so you gotta count that as a win!), they all got a little gift bag from Santa, then we got to eat some snacks that they provided and just hang out for awhile. We were there for almost 2 hours and it was a very nice time. This was a member's only event, and since Pat is a member we got to partake in the celebrating - it also prevented a huge crowd so it wasn't overly crazy in there! Now onto the next event!

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