Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marketing Principles

Well it's almost 8 o'clock and I still have to make Connor's Popcorn Ball's for his Holiday Program tomorrow, oops, better get started! It seems like I've had so much to do today and I'm not getting anywhere.....don't you love the holidays? With work, school, and family obligations there's always something to do! Which is probably why I had a hard time sleeping last night because I couldn't turn my brain off!

So on Sunday I finally finished up my Marketing Principles class from MATC (or now known as Madison College). I actually had finished the last graded assignment last Thursday night but I wanted to finish up all the reading before I counted the class as complete. There were 3 chapters that were un-assigned that I read as well. Overall the class was interesting and I learned a lot about marketing. There's a lot more to marketing then I ever realized, I never realized how many aspects of the business world are related to it. I took the class online so I can't complain about the instructor (Chris Arenas). He was very quick to grade work which is a nice change, as it seems some instructors wait forever to grade the online classes. The one aspect of the class I did not like was I never saw the "red marks" on my assignments so I didn't know what to do to improve my grade (every instructor grades differently). I did the best I could however and did finish the class with an A. That's the hardest A I've had in a long time. The assignments were difficult, made you think, but were definitely organized in a way that will help anyone going into a marketing field (or business field for that matter).

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