Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday Pictures

Lots to do this morning! Dropped Connor off at school, then got gas in the car (Scott says I need to get it when it hits 1/4 tank in the winter instead of waiting until the light goes on like I normally do..... so I'm going to try!), went to Target and got some groceries for the week (really can't wait until the Woodman's in Sun Prairie opens up, lots cheaper there!), then got dinner ready for tonight (whole chicken in the crock pot with some potatoes), finished getting Savannah's Thank You's done so I can mail them, now I have just a little time before I go to the post office (gotta mail out my 1st Etsy order!) and get Connor from school.

So Friday Scott & Connor went and picked up Savannah's birthday pictures from JcPenney. I was overall very happy with the pictures this time around, it's hard when they're little because they don't understand they need to stay in one place and smile, but oh well. We got some really good ones. The 1st outfit was from JcPenney and I custom ordered the headband from Dolly Priss (LOVE!! Please Go Check Out Her Great Stuff) The 2nd outfit I ordered off of e-bay and it had a matching headband so I didn't have to fin.d one to match (which is sometimes pretty difficult). Is it sad I already know one of the outfits she will be wearing for her pictures next year? lol! Well, enjoy 1 of the pictures! The rest if you want to see them I posted a link to the album on JcPenney on my Facebook page.

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