Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa Cookies

What a weekend we had! It went by way to fast and now look, it's Tuesday! And of course, stupid me scheduled mine and Connor's Dentist appointments for 8 a.m. Why did I do that? Waking up at 6 a.m. was not easy, then I had to run Savannah to the in-laws before we went to the dentist. Thankfully Connor did AMAZING, which always helps when you're tired & cranky!

So Friday night I started making "Santa Cookies" for Connor & Buddy to decorate on Saturday afternoon while we were over at the Moore's watching the Dolphin's game. Last year the frosting I made turned out horrible and was super runny & sweet so I searched for new recipes to use this year. I used THIS sugar cookie recipe and THIS frosting recipe. I'm not a fan of sugar cookies so I never tasted that part but the frosting was amazing. The boys had a lot of fun decorating their fun shapes (not just Christmas shapes, we had some animals and planes, flowers, etc). Matt & I did the majority of the frosting while Buddy kept eating all the cookies and Connor kept putting his finger in all the frosting, lol. After we were done with the frosting and the sprinkles each boy selected 3 cookies that we set aside as our "Santa Cookies".

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