Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Cast

Scott went to work this morning and only ended up working for 2.5 hours because the computer systems didn't seem to like him today, oh well! That way he was home in time to help me with the kids - took Connor to karate and then headed to the library and picked up a few things. Connor got 2 movies & a book, Scott got a new book on tape to start after Christmas songs are done on the radio, and I got a new book & cookbook!

So as everyone should be aware of by now, Miss. Savannah broke her arm last week. She was in a splint for a few days and on Tuesday she ended up getting her cast put on. We had to drive to the American Family Children's Hospital to have it done. We were in and out in about a half hour because they weren't very busy, which was nice. It gave us enough time to stop at work and let Daddy see her cast & sign it! I was thinking about making it pink, but decided to do red to make it match for Christmas!

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