Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round Robin

Christmas with Betty tonight! Should be a lot of fun! Just finished up wrapping her last present and also the Secret Santa presents! Can you believe Christmas is only 10 days away? Connor is getting super excited! So tonight is Christmas with Betty, then Saturday is Christmas at the VFW (The Lodge as we cal it), next Thursday is Connor's Holiday Program at School, then Friday night is Christmas at the Brausen's house, Saturday is Church then Christmas at GG's, then Sunday is Christmas! So lots and lots of stuff to going on!

So this past Saturday was Round Robin. If you don't know what Round Robin is, well: We go to every one's (well almost everyone) house in the "Veith" family for an hour, eat food, drink, and then go to the next house. It's an all day event that is a one of a kind day. We started this year at 11 a.m. at the Frank's, 12 p.m. was our house, 1 & 2 were Joe & Cassie's house (which we skipped so the kids could get a nap in). 3 was Kim & Jr's, 4 was Carol's, 5 was Paul & Ginger's, 6 was Gary's and 7 was GG's (which we also skipped because Scott had to bowl). There's always a great variety of food and you always eat way to much, lol, but oh well! Actually at the bowling ally we had to order Connor some food because he was to busy most of the day playing with the other kids. Normally we would have stopped at the Moore's house but Ella was really sick, so we took Buddy off their hands so they could spend some time with her alone. Now that that's done, it's onto the next Christmas Event! (FYI - Connor would NOT look at the cameras, lol, stubborn butt! Oh, and also forgot to mention most people wear their Christmas PJ's for this, but Scott & I wear shorts with Christmas socks!)

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