Thursday, December 22, 2011

Miss. Savannah's TuTu's

Ran to MATC this morning to return my rental book, sell a few other books and purchase one of Scott's book's he needs for next semester. I actually left with $21, I think that's a first! But it's probably because I sold 3 books and only purchased 1 book, lol. The 3 books I needed and the 1 other one Scott needed I purchased off of amazon and saved almost $100! I also couldn't sell my Marketing Principles book back because of water damage, BUT every page is still there and you can get to every page, so if you know someone who could use it let me know and I'll sell it for pretty cheap, otherwise I'll list it on Craig's List.

So over the past several day's I've decided to make and start selling TuTu's. Why? Because I like being creative and I love TuTu's! I've already opened my Etsy Shop and started a FB page for it. So now I have 2 shops, lol, I know, but I can't help myself. I need something to do that satisfies my inner creativity. I love canning with Jessica, so we will continue AJsCanning (FB & Etsy) but that requires a lot more work and preparation than TuTu's. There probably wont be any TuTu's for sale until the beginning of 2012, I'm in the process of getting some Valentines Day TuTu's together, but when you decide to make a purchase use code: BLOGGER10OFF to receive 10% off your purchase (This is good for Miss. Savannah's TuTu's & AJs Canning). I'm also thinking about running a contest for Free Product once I've reached a certain amount of fans on FB. I'll let you know what I decide, but in the meantime go LIKE both shops!

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