Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lean Green Smoothie

I've been kind of slacking this week in posting, mostly because Savannah hasn't really been napping much in the mornings, which is when I usually post, and also I'm trying to catch up with my homework, almost completely caught up in my Marketing class, should be done tonight. Only a few more weeks left of class then I get a little bit of a break.

After reading my last book I've been looking into Raw recipes and came upon a smoothie on that sounded like it could be pretty good, called Lean Green Smoothie. I decided to make this for us for dinner last Saturday, since we had a huge lunch and we were going to the bowling ally so we could always grab something little if we were still hungry. I didn't have any mint, so I didn't add that, and I also didn't add all of a 1/2 a cup of broccoli because I didn't have that much, so I probably only added about 1/8 of a cup. Also I added a handful of baby spinach in it as well since baby spinach is a "super" food. It made about 3 large cup fulls of smoothie, I ate 1, Scott ate 2 (1 that night, and 1 the next night). It tasted pretty good, it was a little heavy on the cucumber (Scott didn't think so, but I did), so I'd probably only add 1/2 a one next time. I actually ended up making Connor a separate one that I liked even better - 1 banana, ice, handful of grapes & a handful of baby spinach.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Creating Healthy Children

Can you believe Miss. Savannah will be 1 in 3 days? I can't! Where has the time gone? In the process of getting final details for her party done, still have to order balloons, but we'll probably end up doing that Thursday when we're out and about getting her pictures done and possibly going to the Children's Museum.

So Saturday I finished reading Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods by Karen Ranzi. The book was not what I expected. I picked it up more for the Attachment Parenting concepts vs the Raw Foods, but the majority of the book was about the benefits of Raw Foods. It also discusses a variety of other topics including homeschooling, vaccinations, etc. While I understand the benefits of a 100% Raw Diet I don't think our family is totally ready to give up some of our favorite foods. However, since starting to read this book we have been taking strides to eat healthier (salads, green smoothies, etc). I actually checked out a Raw Food Cookbook from the Library and we're going to try a recipe or two out of there. I'm going to take a break from reading because I'm falling a little behind in school and only have a couple of weeks left of this semester so I need to concentrate on reading my textbooks.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday

Well I didn't get nearly as much accomplished today as I wanted to. I still have time to get some stuff done but I really don't have the motivation to do it. Just sitting here playing on the computer while Scott plays with the kids in the kitchen with Play Doh. Really have to do some homework and finish cleaning my room since I took everything out of my closet and now it's all over my bed.

So with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, the day of shopping. I've only been participating in Black Friday for the last couple of years, but it's been a lot of fun. Chrissy picked me up at 9:30 pm to head to Walmart. We went there last year so we weren't expecting it to be as busy as it was this year. There was no were to park and we had to park a few blocks away. We looked ridiculous running to the store trying to get there at 10 p.m. so we didn't miss any of the sales. We got in and out fairly quickly and then headed to Kohl's. We got there at 11:15 but they weren't opened until midnight so we sat in her vehicle for awhile so we didn't have to stand out in the cold. Again, we were in and out fairly quickly , stopped by Target but didn't buy anything, and then was home a little after 1 a.m. Got about 2 hours of sleep then headed out again, this time with Miss. Savannah. We picked up Pat and went to the mall for awhile. Picked up some super cute PJ's for Connor from Gymboree for pretty cheap and some other stuff as well. Afterwards we went and picked up Granny, went to breakfast, then to Shopko & Target. I finished almost all of my Christmas shopping, I do have a few things to pick up still but am about 93% done I would say, and they are all wrapped as well! Bring on the Christmas Season!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday night of our long weekend, where has the weekend gone? I love when we have lots of stuff to do on the weekends but at the same time I hate it because then it goes by even quicker. It doesn't help that I took a nice hour and a half nap with Savannah today to, which makes the time go by faster as well.

So Thanksgiving has come and go. Savannah's last "1st" Holiday! We started the day at the in-laws, then headed over to John & Carol's then headed over to Aunt Missy's house. Holiday's are fun because we get to see everyone but I feel bad that it seems like we are never at one place very long, but what do you do? Gotta make the rounds which means only a limited time at each place. Packers won (mixed feelings), Dolphins lost (sad) and the 49ers lost (glad), there was good food everywhere we went and also lots of talk about Black Friday. We called it a night relatively early to try and get home so I could rest for the big shopping extravaganza, which didn't happen, but oh well I guess. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate a lot of amazing food!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pumpkin Pie

Black Friday shopping is less than 4 hours away, are you feeling it? Getting exciting, thinking about taking a 2ish hour nap before going out though.......don't know how long I'll make it without a nap, especially since Savannah was up every 2-3 hours last night, I'm already dragging and it's just after 6. Going to feed Savannah quick, maybe take a shower and then if they family will let me I'll lay down for a bit.

So for Thanksgiving this year I decided to use some of the Pumpkin Puree I made this fall to make Pumpkin Pie, yes I made a Pumpkin Pie entirely from scratch, cooked my own pumpkin and everything, how many people can say they've done that before? I thought were were going to get 3, but it made more than I planned, so we got 4 pies and 1 crust less pie. I made Scott eat some for breakfast this morning just to make sure it was edible, lol, and it actually turned out really good. If you ever have the chance to make your own Pumpkin Pie from Pumpkins you grow, do it! It was fun to do and now I can say I've done it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Her 24th Birthday

Almost Thanksgiving already, which means BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING! WOHO! :) Anyone else as excited as I am? The main stores I need to go to are Walmart & Kohl's, everywhere else it doesn't matter if I go to or not. Last year Savannah was born 5 days after Black Friday shopping, so going into Black Friday I had pretty much all of my shopping done, this year I saved a few things to buy specifically on Black Friday. Should be fun!

So this past Monday was Chrissy's Birthday. The big ole' 3-0, so why does the title of this post say 24? Well, she always jokes around and says it's her 24th birthday and that her younger brother is older than her, lol. We celebrated by having dinner and eating cake over at the in-laws house. Then it was present time, which the kids loved and get way ahead of themselves doing, but it was fun. We got her some Lemon Slush from Tastefully Simple, some cool glasses to put it in, and also a cheese grader & meat hammer that she asked for. I hope she had a great birthday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

$10,000 Holiday Giveaway

So Savannah is taking a quick nap right now and Scott is doing a little cleaning around the house. I did manage to get some laundry done today, yay! In a little bit I have to go pick Connor up from school and I'm taking the kids to Grandma's even though Scott is home because he is going to try and get some last minute outside stuff done, we shall see if he actually accomplishes much, it was a long night last night - Savannah didn't sleep well!

So on FB I've been following all these super cute vendors and along came this amazing giveaway. You can find all the information HERE. It would be absolutley amazing to win all of these wonderful prizes, but the chances are probably pretty slim. Either way, I'm going to do as many entries as possible to win! Here's a picture from one of the vendors Etsy site so you get a quick glimpse of a beautiful piece you can win! Check it out!

Zucchini Bread

So Scott's off of work this week which completely throws our morning routine out of whack...... you would think with 2 people home in the morning more would get done around the house but I think the opposite is true and less gets done. I did unload the dishwasher this morning so at least 1 thing got done, lol, hopefully I'll get motivated to get some laundry done too.

So yesterday I tried a new recipe from for some Zucchini Bread. I changed a few things with the recipe. 1st I used part Veg Oil and Part Olive Oil because I didn't have enough Veg Oil at home. 2nd I took out 1/2 cup of the sugar and replaced it with brown sugar (someone suggested that in the comments section). 3rd I used Pampered Chef's mini loaf pan instead of a large pan to cook it in. The recipe ended up making 5 mini loafs. I made 3 with nuts and 2 without nuts just in case someone didn't want the nuts and gave one of each to my friend Aimee who stopped by the house yesterday. Scott and I both tried a piece of it last night and I thought it tasted really good! Warm Zucchini Bread with a little butter (one of the only thing I use butter on), yumm!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pumpkin Butter

A pretty relaxing day around the house. Scott & the kids went over to the Moore's for the football game while I stayed home and made some zucchini bread, took a bath and read my current book. The weekend is almost over but thankfully this is a short work week, only 3 days. Scott has all week off, lucky! And hopefully he'll be getting some last minute things outside done and also get new brakes on his truck.

So last week Jessica & I opened up our Etsy shop - AJsCanning - and going with a suggestion from our friend Carolyn I decided to look into Pumpkin Butter. I had a few pumpkins still sitting around that I needed to do something with so this seemed like the perfect thing! I got the recipe from PickYourOwn.Org like I get a lot of my recipes from. Instead of letting it cook for only about 8 hours, I cooked mine for about 24 hours but that was the only difference I made. I made a total of 12-4oz jars and 8-16oz jars. All 12 of the 4oz jars are now on our Etsy site waiting for you to purchase it. My house now smells like Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Pie!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Feet

So we went out tonight for a pre-celebration for Chrissy's Birthday, Pedros, yumm! Of course I ended up eating way to much like always, but it tasted so good! I really wanted to get a Margarita but didn't because of Miss. Savannah, and plus I had to drive the kids home because Scott is going out with them to the bars. IAdd Image really really really hope he doesn't come home drunk.

So yesterday for our "camp-out" we watched Happy Feet. I know the movie is 5ish years old but I had never seen it before. The second one is in theaters right now and I kind of wanted to take Connor to it so I figured we should probably see the first one. It was so cute and super good. Maybe it's my inner band/choir geekness, but I loved all the singing and dancing and plus penguins are always good. The story line is always a good one to talk to kids about, basically: be true to yourself and be who you are no matter what. If you haven't seen it already it's worth checking out, I'm going to hopefully take Connor to the 2nd one next weekend.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lace Leggings

So yesterday was the first time in over 2 weeks I didn't make a post. Yesterday was a very busy day! I added some more items to AJsCanning (so check it out!) and also I had dinner at the in-laws, went to the grocery store, had a Marketing assignment due last night and then I stayed up late to watch the 2 hour Private Practice.

So awhile back there was a contest to win a pair of free Lace Leggings. It required my lovely family & friends to "LIKE" Lace Leggings and mention that I sent them there, with a minimum of 5 referrals. Well I believe I must have been the only person who saw the contest post because I am the only one who had any referrals and I had more than 5, so I got a free pair! Today is the first time I've put them on Savannah, they are a little big because I got the toddler size (18month-3T I believe) so she can wear them as long as possible. They are super cute! Thank you all who helped me out to receive these super cute leggings. I may have to buy a few more pairs in the different colors. If you are interested you can contact Lake Leggings on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AJs Canning

Savannah is sleeping and Scott & Connor are watching wrestling. I still need to do some Marketing homework tonight but am just playing around on the computer instead. There are so many interesting things you can find online and I really enjoy exploring the internet. To bad I can't get paid for playing online! (If you think of a way I can, please let me know! lol)

So Jessica & I have started talking about the possibility of selling some of our caned goods online, so today I decided to set up an Etsy Shop called AJsCanning (Amber, Jessica, get it? I know, not very creative, lol, but whatever!). It's a work in progress and things will be updated as much as I have time to do so. Also I have to decide how much and of what we want to sell, for now I just put up 1 jar of our wonderful Apple Butter. Is there anything specific you would like to see for sale? If so, I'll take it into consideration and try to get it added as quickly as possible. And if you decide to make a purchase since you're a wonderful viewer of my blog type the coupon code Blogger10OFF and get 10% off your purchase!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Best Baby Items - "Big Ticket"

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away, which means Black Friday is just around the corner! Are you going shopping? I am! Walmart opens at 10 p.m. and you better believe that's when I'll be there! You can't beat $2 movies and $5 PJ's for kids! Will also be hitting up Kohl's at midnight and the mall by 5 a.m. Other stores are opening at midnight as well but so far there is nothing jumping out that I need from them.

So I was trying to come up with something to Blog about today and nothing was jumping out. Then I realized Savannah turns 1 in just 16 days so now would probably be a great time to showcase the 5 items I don't think I could live without this past year. In no particular order:

1. Medela New Pump in Style Original Breast Pump - I purchased this while still at the hospital with Connor and we have definetly gotten our money's worth. If you plan on breastfeeding but have to go back to work you need to get a good pump that will work efficiently and effectively. Other than the normal parts wearing out and having to be replaced, this has been a wonderful investment.

2. Fisher Price Bouncer - I had a bouncer with Connor but never figured out what happened with it, after a few months debating about buying a new one we finally went out and purchased one. It's great the first 6 months to have. Savannah loved looking at the animals and it made it easier for us to get dinner made with her being happily content sitting in the bouncer.

3. Fisher Price Swing - I received this from one of my baby showers when pregnant with Connor and I love it. Connor enjoyed it, my cousin's baby girl Lily used it for awhile and now Savannah uses it. Savannah likes to keep moving when she takes her naps so after I rock her to sleep I can plop her down in this and she'll take a descent nap in it. I'm glad I have it!

4. Fisher Price Booster - With Connor we used a regular high chair but with Savannah we decided against it. Why you may ask? Well since we did Baby Led Weaning with Savannah it was important that the tray wasn't to high up on her chest. With a regular high chair this is a problem and it can be difficult for a baby to grab the food easily so we decided on a booster seat - which is cheaper and it also "fits" her better. Plus it takes up a lot less room in your house.

5. Baby Carrier: BabyHawk - I really wish I would have known about these when Connor was a baby. Having to worry about a stroller is kind of a pain in the butt and if you're going somewhere like the Farmers Market Downtown with the huge crown they can be a huge inconvenience, but with a baby carrier you don't have to worry about the stroller. It is also nice when it's cold outside because it will keep you and baby warmer and there is a lot of other reasons wearing your baby is beneficial for your baby (but that's an entirely different type of post).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Microwave Rocky Road Brownie Dessert

So much homework to do, so little time.........and it doesn't help that Scott has to do homework tonight too......We really should have worked on it a little this weekend (I read like .5 chapter yesterday - but should have done more). It doesn't help that both kids are going crazy today so it seems like neither of us can get much done tonight.

So yesterday we went over to the Moore's for the Dolphin game and I decided to try out one of the recipes from the fall/winter 2011 season's best recipe collection - microwave rocky road brown dessert. WOW! It was so easy to make and it tasted so good! We actually have a little left over and I'll probably be finishing it off shortly here. If you don't already have the Deep Covered Baker you need to get it! You can make whole chickens, a roast, potato soup, and the best thing you can make is this wonderful dessert! Buy it so you can make it, you won't be sorry!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spaghetti Sauce

So it's Sunday night. I really should be reading some of my homework because I am a few chapters behind, but I really don't feel like doing it. Instead I'm sitting here watching a movie with the family and also reading my current book "Creating Healthy Children". Buffalo Chicken Pizza is in the oven and then pretty soon it'll be time to get the kids ready for bed. I will force myself to finish reading one chapter for school tonight, just not yet!

So yesterday Jessica and Justin came over and we made Spaghetti Sauce. This was the first time we've done this so we didn't know exactly what to expect. We started off pulling 36 pounds of tomatoes out of the freezer and purchasing 6 packs of Mrs. Wages Pasta Sauce packs. I also asked a co-worker if she had any advice and she said to just throw in a little "extra" stuff with the packets, so I put in 1.5 pounds of green peppers (from the garden, in the freezer) a large onion that I had and also about 3 garlic gloves that I had. It should have gotten us approximately 30 pints of Spaghetti Sauce, but we only got the equivalent of 19 pints (7 quarts, and 5 pints), it would have been nice if it would have yielded more but not much we can do about it. We did take a little taste and I thought it tasted great so hopefully it'll taste even better after it sits in the cans for awhile. I still have 15 more pounds of tomatoes in the freezer so we'll have to come up with a project for those, either more spaghetti sauce or a different type of salsa maybe.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Sitting around with Jessica and Justin waiting for our Spaghetti Sauce to be complete. Scott took Connor to the bowling ally and I just got Savannah to sleep, so we're just watching Justin play his XBox. I know Walmart has a really good Black Friday deal for them, so maybe we'll get would be fun, but I don't think I want to spend that kind of money on a video game considering we rarely play our Wii.

So another Friday night and we watched another movie we picked up from the Library. This time we picked up the movie Frenemy. I had never heard of the movie but we saw that Zach was in it, so we figured we'd try it out. Have any of you ever seen it? Well I advise you to never get it. It was by far the worst movie I've ever seen. The plot didn't make sense, they talked a lot about drugs and murder and it was disgusting. Don't get me wrong, I love a good slasher movie once and awhile, but this was just so bad it was disturbing and just plain wrong. Never ever be tempted to pick up this movie it'll just be a waste of 80 minutes of your life! Also, I'm still confused as to why Zach is on the cover of this movie because he's barley in this movie.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dolly Priss

It's Friday, It's Friday! And you know what that means? We started our new bedtime routine 1 week ago, so we'll be doing another sleep log tonight! I'll post it sometime tomorrow and give you an idea on how it's working for us and then what we're going to do next.

So for Savannah's Birthday I bought this super cute dress from JcPenney's to wear but I was having a hard time finding the perfect headband to go with it. With my coupon's and sale I got the dress for only like $2 so I felt I could splurge a little bit if I needed to. I searched the Internet up and down and found what I wanted except it was the wrong color. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask if she would be willing to make me one in the colors I wanted, and she did! Dolly Priss and her Mommy Miss is the name of her company and I'm so glad I found her. You can find her on Facebook, EBay and Etsy. I had originally found her on Etsy but I believe I contacted her on Facebook. Either way, check her out! She has some beautiful items you can bid on, buy, or if you need something in another color just message her. She was reasonably priced, she got it to me relatively quickly and the headband is beautiful! The picture really doesn't do it justice, but I'll post it anyways to give you an idea.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Nursery Rhymes Collection

Still snowing outside, was totally not ready for this. I don't know why it surprises me every year, we are in Wisconsin and it has been known to snow in October..........still doesn't mean I like it though. Scott better stay true to his promise and let me retire someplace warm!

So we recently finished reading My Nursery Rhymes Collection to the kids. I can't remember where I bought this, but I think it was before Connor was born. I've read one or two here or there, but never the entire thing, so we decided to. With Savannah's new bedtime routine we've incorporated 20 minutes of reading time so this was the perfect opportunity to get through the book. This book is a great purchase and I'm glad we got it, it has so many of the classics in it along with several I had never heard before. Connor enjoyed it and his two favorites are the Grand Old Duke of York, and Humpty Dumpty. It looks like the book was re-released this year, so I'm not sure how different the new version is compared to the version that was released in 2006.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Italian Beef Barley Soup

It's snowing outside, yuck! I really hate snow. It's barley sticking, so hopefully it doesn't stay around for long. This reminds me, I really need to get in and get new tires, I've had these ones for 4 years now, so I'm assuming I probably am in need for new ones.

So Monday night I made Italian Beef Barley soup for dinner. I found the recipe on and decided it sounded pretty good, so we tried it out. The only difference in the recipe when I made it is that I didn't crumble the cubes (to hard, I tried) and I added a little Garlic Garlic from Tastefully Simple in there. The recipe turned out good, and it's a great starter recipe. If we ever make it again we'll be adding some combination of the following: potatoes, carrots and celery. It just seemed that it was missing something and I think one of those (or all of them) would add to the soup and make it just a little bit better.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The No-Cry Sleep Solution

So we're back to our normal weekly schedule, thankfully. I got a few things done around the house this morning. Put some dishes in the dishwasher, folded some laundry, and finished getting Savannah's Birthday invites ready to be mailed today. I can't believe in just a few short weeks my baby is going to be 1! I hate how quickly time goes by!

So yesterday I finished reading the No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley and I'm super excited about it. I picked up this book from the library in desperation to get some sleep. However, if you are tempted to pick this up for a quick fix this isn't what it's about. It's about fixing the sleep pattern gradually to get optimal success and to keep healthy sleep habits. It takes you through the steps gradually. fed. You can really customize how you use this to your needs and your family. The thing I like the most about the No-cry Sleep solution is that anyone can use it. It gives tips to those who are co-sleeping, those who are breastfeeding or those who sleep in a crib and are bottle fed. The first thing that we changed while reading this book is bedtime. We were under the assumption if we kept her up as late as we stayed up, then the less she'll wake up on "our" schedule. But unfortunately that is not true, it just caused Savannah to become overtired and actually wake up more! So the first thing we decided was to make sure Savannah got to bed every night by 8 p.m. instead of approximately 9:30 p.m. So now the fun begins. The first step of the process is to create your bedtime routine. You start your bedtime routine approximately an hour before bedtime to help your child learn that bedtime is approaching. This is suppose to help bedtime go more smoothly and reduce the fighting to go to sleep. So this is what our new bedtime routine looks like:

7:00 - Bath

7:20 - PJ's & Lotion

7:25 - Read books with entire family in my bed

7:45 - Feed Savannah

8:00 - Bed

The next step is to create a sleep/nap log of the first night so you know how your baby is sleeping now compared to where your baby should be as far as how much sleep they get. The book has a graph on the amount of sleep a baby should be getting. Since Savannah is approaching the 1 year mark we are basing everything off of the 12 month slot on the grid. She should be getting 11.5-12 hours of sleep a night, and taking 1-2 naps totally 2-3 hours of sleep during the day. Here is our first night of logging:

7:58 p.m. - Sleep

12:18 a.m. - wake up - rock/sing back to sleep - 4hour and 20 minute stretch of sleep

12:55 a.m. - sleep

2:57 a.m. - wake - nurse back to sleep - 2hours 2 minute stretch of sleep

3:05 - sleep

6:37 a.m. - wake - nurse back to sleep - 3 hours 32 minute stretch of sleep

6:45 a.m. - sleep

8:00 a.m. - up for day - 1 hour 15 minute stretch of sleep

So Miss. Savannah woke up 3 times on our first night of logging and had a total of 11 hours and 9 minutes of sleep. So she is close to the amount of sleep she needs per night but unfortunately is waking us up often in the middle of the night. Our first day of nap logs looked like:

11:53 a.m. - Sleep

12:34 p.m. - Up - So a 41 minute nap

3:54 p.m. - Sleep

4:50 p.m. - UP - So a 56 minute nap.

So Miss. Savannah had her 2 naps for the day, but unfortunately fell short of the 2-3 hours total. She only received 1 hour and 37 minute of naps, and both naps were under an hour. A "good" nap should be over an hour, and supposedly the key to a good night sleep is good napping during the day.

So now that we have made our first sleep and nap log we know that there is room for improvement. The book says to create a new log every 10 days, but with work and weekends, we either need to do it every 7 days or every 14 days. You do not want to make a log every day because some days will always be worse or better than others, so to get a general idea if the sleep pattern is getting better you need to do it every week or two. The book has many suggestions on how to get the baby to sleep better and for longer. Right now I don't think we are going to take any other suggestions from the book. We changed our bedtime routine and bedtime which is a huge step into the right direction. We'll evaluate after the first week of the new bedtime and see how we are sitting then and then decide on the next step.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Pictures

So I have my very first parent teachers conference today, ahh! Kind of scary! I really don't know what to expect. I hope they tell me Connor is wonderful and he's the smartest kid in the class, but every parent wants to hear that, and not every kid can be the best........ As long as Connor is having fun and is making friends, I think that's the most important part of school. If you're having fun & making good (key word) friends, doing good in school will just happen.

So last week we went and got our Christmas Pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. This is the same place we got Savannah's 8 month pictures, and I ended up being much happier this time around. We got several great pictures taken and had lots to choose from. Unfortunately Savannah wasn't in the most smiley of moods but they still turned out pretty good. We got a whole bunch of wallets of Savannah to put in her birthday invites (started handing them out yesterday). Normally I would put her Birthday picture in her Thank-Yous from her party, but the Care Bear theme only came with Post-Card thank-yous so that wasn't an option. Well, here is one of our family portraits from the session.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Up In The Air

The weekend is almost over with, AHH, they go by way to fast. Started handing out Savannah's birthday invites today, can you believe she's almost a year old? I can't! Time goes by way to fast, it almost makes me want another baby, almost, lol, maybe when she sleeps better & we don't have to buy her diapers, then maybe.

So another Friday night we spent watching a movie and eating popcorn, a movie we picked up from the Library. This time we picked Up In The Air with George Clooney in it. I knew it was up for a bunch of awards a year or two ago, so I figured it would be pretty good. I enjoyed the movie and I think everyone should see it once. The only part I didn't like was the ending. I didn't like how the chick ended up having another family and he was just a "side" item. But I guess you can't have movies end the way you want them to every time. I'm glad I saw the movie, not sure I'll ever see it again, but it's definitely worth seeing once.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

11 Months Old

So I really need to get the house cleaned and get to the grocery store, because I'm having my Pampered Chef Part tomorrow at noon! AHH To much to do! And I really don't feel like doing anything either, I just want to go out and hang with friends, but friends are far and few these days.......Justin/Jessica did text me earlier about going to dinner at Ella's Deli. Maybe I should go.....

So this past Tuesday, Miss. Savannah turned 11 months old. That means there is less than a month until her 1st Birthday! Can you believe it? It's so crazy to think about! Currently she is approximately 18.75 pounds, so I doubt she'll hit the 20 pound mark before her 1st Birthday. She still gets up anywhere from 1-5 times every night, but I'm starting the no-cry sleep solution, so hopefully we can get her to sleep better. She got her 6th tooth at the very beginning of this month. She's been drooling like crazy again, but I don't see anymore teeth coming in. We did switch her to 12 month clothing, more for lack of 9 month clothes, not size. Other than that, it was a pretty quiet month, no huge milestones to report it would seem.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick Or Treat

So this new schedule we are trying out with Savannah is going okay I guess............ Wednesday night she woke up 5 times, last night it was only 3, if we can get down to just 1 time a night I'll be happy, the downside I've noticed already is that she won't take her morning nap now...........which means I don't really get much accomplished during the day...........which means I'll need to start cleaning some at night when Scott is home so things get done........oh well I guess, if this makes us get more sleep at night I'll take it!

So Monday was obviously Halloween, which means CANDY! I rushed out of work 15 minutes early (4:45), so i could quick feed Savannah, eat dinner, and get out the door by around 5:30. Connor was Spider Man, Savannah was a bunny, Ella was an Elephant, Buddy was a Zebra, and Donovan was Robin. We had a good size group (The Moore's, Luther's, Evette/Autumn, and the Frank's) and went around the neighborhood for about an hour. Buddy didn't make it much longer than 15-20 minutes so he went back to Grandma's to hang out with her. Ella wanted to walk the entire time, Connor and Donovan had a blast running to the houses and Savannah was just looking around like we were all crazy. It was a lot of fun and after that we headed to Waunakee to see John & Carol for Halloween so they could see the kids in their costumes. Now is the time that I hate.......... I sit here and eat all the candy, and that 3 pounds I lost last month will probably come, at least I have another 5 months to lose the weight before Florida!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween

So we're trying a new schedule with Savannah, instead of putting her to bed at 9:30ish, we're shooting for 8. Last night it was 7:45 when she fell asleep, and so far it doesn't seem to help. she woke up about 5 times before it was 7:30 (when I wake her up in the morning). Going to continue to try it at least a couple of more times before I consider it a failure.

So Monday was Halloween, I hope everyone had a good day! Scott had the day off of work, so he got to play with the kids all day (well after Connor was done with school), but I had to work like normal. This being Savannah's 1st Halloween, I had to make sure she looked super cute. I got an outfit after last Halloween, I think at Walmart on clearance. But I had to accessorize it to make it perfect. So I went online to My Little Legs and ordered her some leggings & a 5 pack of headbands. I think the outfit came together nicely and Miss. Savannah was as cute as ever!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Full Frontal Nudity

So last night was crappy..........Savannah tossed and turned all night........ I figured she would have slept good because when we went out to dinner last night she ate a ton of food........maybe she ate to much? I doubt it....... babies are much more likely to stop when they are full than myself, who ate way to much last night and paid for it later!

So Sunday I finished reading Full Frontal Nudity - The Making of an Accidental Actor - by Harry Hamlin. I didn't really know what to expect from the book - I had never heard of Harry Hamlin before but I got it for like $2 at Borders when they were closing, so I figured I couldn't lose much from picking this up. And I'm not disappointed that I did buy it. I realized I had seen something he was in (Harpers Island) and that he had an interesting life back in the late 60's and early 70's. I can't imagine going through some of the things that he went threw. Even if you don't' know who Harry Hamlin is I recommend picking up this book it was very interesting and it didn't take long to read. Now I'm going to read the No-Cry Sleep Solution! I'm hoping we learn something to help Savannah sleep better!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

So it's already November, crazy, isn't it? Christmas is less than 2 months away, Savannah's Birthday is a month away and Thanksgiving is only about 3 weeks away........which means the craziness of Black Friday Shopping! I've gone the last 2 years with the in-laws, but not sure if I'm going to go this year....... in order to do it, I think I would have to bring Savannah, or stop by the house ever 4ish hours...........not sure how that'll work, I guess I'll have to decide as we get closer to it!

So Sunday we went over to the in-laws to carve our Halloween pumpkins. We actually had 2 sets of pumpkins, 1 we picked the previous weekend and 1 set that we got out of our garden. We never did end up carving the ones out of our garden, so I'll actually probably just turn them into Pumpkin Puree later this week to use 'em up. Anyways, so we carved a few pumpkins over at the in-laws, I did an Elmo (which Scott ended up finishing for me), and Scott and I did just 2 random "pumpkin faces". We were going to bring over our kit so we could have done some cool faces, but we ended up forgetting. Oh well, guess I'll just put it back in the Halloween box for next year!