Saturday, November 5, 2011

11 Months Old

So I really need to get the house cleaned and get to the grocery store, because I'm having my Pampered Chef Part tomorrow at noon! AHH To much to do! And I really don't feel like doing anything either, I just want to go out and hang with friends, but friends are far and few these days.......Justin/Jessica did text me earlier about going to dinner at Ella's Deli. Maybe I should go.....

So this past Tuesday, Miss. Savannah turned 11 months old. That means there is less than a month until her 1st Birthday! Can you believe it? It's so crazy to think about! Currently she is approximately 18.75 pounds, so I doubt she'll hit the 20 pound mark before her 1st Birthday. She still gets up anywhere from 1-5 times every night, but I'm starting the no-cry sleep solution, so hopefully we can get her to sleep better. She got her 6th tooth at the very beginning of this month. She's been drooling like crazy again, but I don't see anymore teeth coming in. We did switch her to 12 month clothing, more for lack of 9 month clothes, not size. Other than that, it was a pretty quiet month, no huge milestones to report it would seem.

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