Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Her 24th Birthday

Almost Thanksgiving already, which means BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING! WOHO! :) Anyone else as excited as I am? The main stores I need to go to are Walmart & Kohl's, everywhere else it doesn't matter if I go to or not. Last year Savannah was born 5 days after Black Friday shopping, so going into Black Friday I had pretty much all of my shopping done, this year I saved a few things to buy specifically on Black Friday. Should be fun!

So this past Monday was Chrissy's Birthday. The big ole' 3-0, so why does the title of this post say 24? Well, she always jokes around and says it's her 24th birthday and that her younger brother is older than her, lol. We celebrated by having dinner and eating cake over at the in-laws house. Then it was present time, which the kids loved and get way ahead of themselves doing, but it was fun. We got her some Lemon Slush from Tastefully Simple, some cool glasses to put it in, and also a cheese grader & meat hammer that she asked for. I hope she had a great birthday!

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