Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Feet

So we went out tonight for a pre-celebration for Chrissy's Birthday, Pedros, yumm! Of course I ended up eating way to much like always, but it tasted so good! I really wanted to get a Margarita but didn't because of Miss. Savannah, and plus I had to drive the kids home because Scott is going out with them to the bars. IAdd Image really really really hope he doesn't come home drunk.

So yesterday for our "camp-out" we watched Happy Feet. I know the movie is 5ish years old but I had never seen it before. The second one is in theaters right now and I kind of wanted to take Connor to it so I figured we should probably see the first one. It was so cute and super good. Maybe it's my inner band/choir geekness, but I loved all the singing and dancing and plus penguins are always good. The story line is always a good one to talk to kids about, basically: be true to yourself and be who you are no matter what. If you haven't seen it already it's worth checking out, I'm going to hopefully take Connor to the 2nd one next weekend.

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