Monday, November 14, 2011

Microwave Rocky Road Brownie Dessert

So much homework to do, so little time.........and it doesn't help that Scott has to do homework tonight too......We really should have worked on it a little this weekend (I read like .5 chapter yesterday - but should have done more). It doesn't help that both kids are going crazy today so it seems like neither of us can get much done tonight.

So yesterday we went over to the Moore's for the Dolphin game and I decided to try out one of the recipes from the fall/winter 2011 season's best recipe collection - microwave rocky road brown dessert. WOW! It was so easy to make and it tasted so good! We actually have a little left over and I'll probably be finishing it off shortly here. If you don't already have the Deep Covered Baker you need to get it! You can make whole chickens, a roast, potato soup, and the best thing you can make is this wonderful dessert! Buy it so you can make it, you won't be sorry!

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