Monday, November 15, 2010

36 weeks!

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of November. This year is just going by way to fast! Super excited for Black Friday shopping in less than 2 weeks! I will definitely be hitting up Kohl’s to take advantage of their great prices, plus I have a 15% off coupon on top of those great prices!

I have my 36 week doctor’s appointment tonight, and I’m curious to see if I’ve started to dilate at all. If Savannah has the same schedule as Connor, she will be here in 7 days!!! Isn’t that crazy? I’m thinking it’ll be more like 2-3 weeks, but who knows for sure! I really wish there was a magic ball I could look into and know when she would be here!

I'd Know You Anywhere

So this weekend was pretty lazy. Friday night was bowling, but I didn’t feel like sitting around & watching everyone bowl. So I went to Babies R Us and bought a pack ‘n play (since the one we used for Connor was recalled). I also went to Shopko and bought Connor his last Christmas present. I also bought Scott a new pair of pants and me a new shirt, and a couple of other odds & ends.

So Book Club was on November 6th. We finished reading the book “I’d know you anywhere.” Overall we were all pretty disappointed with the book. I think it had a good concept & a good story line, but the way it was written was not great at all. She used too many different formats and for the most part didn’t go into enough details about some of the characters. Oh well! It definitely wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read, but I’m pretty sure I probably won’t be reading this one again.


Again, I’m getting super behind in these!! I need to start doing them more often. It’s not that I’m too busy to do them, I just kind of forget to do them. Oh well I guess! In a couple of weeks I won’t have to worry about work for awhile, so I should have plenty of time to keep caught up on these!

So Halloween & Trick or Treating was fun! Connor had such a blast! He did so good going up to all the houses and saying Trick or Treat, it was so cute!! First we went around Scott’s parent’s neighborhood with the whole clan (Macy, Brodie, Donovan, Buddy). Donovan only went to about ½ of the houses before he bailed, but Buddy stuck it out with Connor! Connor wanted to keep getting “more candy” to fill up his bucket! After that we drove over to Waunakee to go see John & Carol, and we went and did some more trick or treating with John. Connor got way to much candy, and I definitely helped him eat it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Carvin' Pumpkins

This weekend should be pretty busy. We want to get some last minute things done around the house before Savannah arrives. We need to paint her bookshelf, hang up some wall things, mow the lawn one last time, and clean our bedroom so we can fit a pack ‘n play in there!

So after pictures last Saturday, we all went over to Scott’s parent’s house to carve pumpkins! It was pretty fun, I’ve never used the design packets before, and so that was neat. Connor picked out the Spider, so I ended up carving that one. I wanted a cool bat one, so Scott carved that one for me. It took forever to poke all those little holes into the pumpkin, but it turned out awesome I think!

34 Weeks!

WOW, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated, so once again…I’ll be doing a couple today!! It’s been super crazy! The clock is definitely winding down to when Savannah will arrive! If she has the same time clock as Connor, she will be here in 17 days! CRAZY!

So last Saturday, I was 34 weeks! While Scott was busy working at his parents house (chopping wood), Connor & I headed out to the mall & got some pictures done! I wanted to get some really cute ones of my bump & Connor, for Scott for Christmas. A couple of them didn’t turn out that great, but we did get one that I really liked. It’s pretty cheesy, but I don’t care!