Monday, November 15, 2010


Again, I’m getting super behind in these!! I need to start doing them more often. It’s not that I’m too busy to do them, I just kind of forget to do them. Oh well I guess! In a couple of weeks I won’t have to worry about work for awhile, so I should have plenty of time to keep caught up on these!

So Halloween & Trick or Treating was fun! Connor had such a blast! He did so good going up to all the houses and saying Trick or Treat, it was so cute!! First we went around Scott’s parent’s neighborhood with the whole clan (Macy, Brodie, Donovan, Buddy). Donovan only went to about ½ of the houses before he bailed, but Buddy stuck it out with Connor! Connor wanted to keep getting “more candy” to fill up his bucket! After that we drove over to Waunakee to go see John & Carol, and we went and did some more trick or treating with John. Connor got way to much candy, and I definitely helped him eat it!

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