Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas With The Brausen's

Did a little shopping this morning. Ran to Menards, Shopko and then to Target. Got a few gifts for next year (yes I'm horrible, lol, but come on..........there are a LOT of people we buy for, so I gotta make sure I get really good deals!). Now we're about to run to Walmart before heading to Grandma's for lunch and then Woodman's to get a few groceries for the next couple of days.

On Friday night we went over to John & Carol's house to celebrate Christmas with the Brausen family. We ate some yummy food and then all the kid's opened up their gifts. The kids were spoiled like always, Connor got The Ultimate Optimus Prime Transformer, Savannah got some really cute clothes, and they both got a ton of other presents. Sorry, can't remember everything they got at this moment our house looks like a battle field! I got some yummy smelling body butter and Scott & I both got 1 of our trips to Disney in April, so now we only have to pay for 1 of us! Yay! We also did our gift exchange. We play a randomly selected game to get our order of who gets to pick first and then we can steal, etc. Scott ended up with some ice cream topping set with bowls & a scoop and I ended up with a 2 pack of pretty photo albums which I desperately needed.

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