Saturday, December 10, 2011

1 Year Check Up

Getting ready for Round Robin to start and I have a few moments so I figured I'd do my daily post now because I might forget later in the day. I made zucchini cookies, muffins & bread last night for our house. The fun all begins in 23 minutes at the Frank's house, then our house is at noon. Then Joe's, Cassie's, Kim & JR, Carol's, Paul & Gingers, Gary's, then GG's to finish up the night! Should be a lot of fun like always!

So Monday was Miss. Savannah's 1 year check up. And she's perfect, of course! Weighing in at 18lbs3oz and 29 inches long she is officially at the length limit for her baby carrier car seat so we will be switching to a big girl car seat shortly, rear facing still of course! This month has been another one of those months that seems like she's learned so much! She learned how to shake her head no, wave bye-bye, climb up the stairs, and cruise around furniture. She's still waking up at least one time every night and she still sleeps every night cuddled up next to me. I can officially now say she never had 1 drop of formula also! Something I'm incredibly proud of. It's been very difficult but well worth it!! I'm not sure how the weaning process from breastfeeding will work but I'm not going to worry about it right now since we're in the middle of the cold & flu season. I think I've decided I want to be done by around 18 months or so, so we'll probably begin working on that in the spring.

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