Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6 Months

So Connor's Gymnastics was officially done last Wednesday, but we have a fun night tonight. They tailor fun nights more towards family coming to watch what your kids have learned. Last time we attended the fun night the parents got to sit in the middle of the floor and take pictures while the kids performed. The kids also got a t-shirt and a cool medal. Not sure if it'll end up being the same thing or not, but either way free stuff (well kinda free........for $65 a month I think we deserve something once and awhile, lol) for Connor = awesome!

So today Savannah is officially 6 months old. I can say at 6 months old she is definitely becoming her own little person. She still does not sleep through the night, and usually gets up twice (1ish and 4ish), and she still sleeps right next to me (so much easier, especially for breastfeeding, since I don't have to get up while 1/2 asleep to pick up a baby and potentially drop her because of my sleep deprivation). She has been "on" solids for almost 2 weeks, she has consumed avocado, cucumber, peaches and carrots. I would have to say her favorite is probably peaches then followed by cucumbers. She is starting to get little pieces off of some of the items, so in no time I know she'll be mowing food down. She is getting better at sitting by herself, "swims" on the floor, and smiles when the mood strikes her. It's so amazing how differently she is compared to Connor, and at the same time how similar they are. I really believe she will crawl way before Connor ever did (12.5 months), and therefore walk before he did (16 months). I just can't believe it's been 6 months since she was born.........crazy.......I'll stop rambling now.......

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