Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt

Savannah is almost asleep finally........sometimes she just fights it so much! Scott should be home in about 30 minutes or so, then maybe we can get some more of this house clean. I told him to bring me home something for lunch....not sure what I want yet, but he'll call me in a little bit and then we can decide.

So Friday was Mr. Moore's 31st Birthday. It was a hot day outside, but in the shade it wasn't to bad. The boys played in the swimming pool, Scott grilled up some brats & hot dogs, and then we had some yummy ice cream cake. We ended up getting Matt some zip ties, the movie Inception, and some beer mugs. He also got some other glasses, some Transformer Toys (yes toys, lol), a couple other movies and some kit to re-do his garage floor. (and yes that is Christmas paper....thats just how Scott rolls, lol) He seemed to enjoy everything, and I hope he had a good birthday! Next up is my birthday!

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