Sunday, June 26, 2011

Banberry Jam

Just got home from the Moore's house. We went over there and made some smore's over their little fire pit, yum! First smore of the summer! The boys also played on their new swing set and Chrissy & I chilled with the girls while they tried to sleep a little. They were all so cute! We even caught a couple of fire flies!

So today we were going to pick strawberries & make banberry jam. Well the picking of the strawberries didn't happen. We drove all the way out there and they sent us away because there were "to many" people there........well fine then! We ended up driving to Copps, where they had strawberries for $1.44 a pound, so it was even cheaper than picking them ourselves! We then came back to the house and ended up making 17 jars of Banberry Jam, so I took 8 of the jars while Jessica took 9. 3 of the jars we didn't even process because we had to get going to the Haack graduation party, but that's okay, they can hang out in the fridge & we can use them right away!

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