Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plums & Green Beans

So I'm a few posts - that I want to share with everyone - behind.....oops! It's officially summer, which means are weekends are pretty packed full, and when we don't have anything going on I just want to sit and vedge and try to gain some energy back.......We're going to be having a crazy week, so hopefully I can keep up and keep you all informed on what's going on over here!

So Thursday night we started on the next food of choice, Plums & Green Beans. You know when you take a bit of something and you really don't like it, and you get the weird "yuck" shudder? Anyone know what I'm talking about? Well Savannah totally did it with the Plums. I think they were pretty tart. I laughed so hard after she did that, that I was crying. Did it stop her from eating more of it? Nope, she kept going back for more! She also seemed to enjoy the Green Beans, but didn't touch those nearly as much as the Plums.

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