Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At The Beach

So tonight I have to go to the grocery store to finish buying all the food for Connor's Birthday Party that we're having this Sunday. Can you believe tomorrow he's going to be 4?? I can't! Where has the time gone? I think at some point tomorrow I might baby is growing up way to fast!!!

So we didn't end up going to the Milwaukee Zoo on my birthday after all. It took awhile for us to figure out what we were going to do instead. Connor & I took a good nap, and then afterwards we headed to Olbrich Beach. Scott had never swam in a Madison Lake, and up until recently I thought people never did........a co-worker of mine told me she took her boys to the lakes around her often, so I figured why not try it out. There was seaweed hanging out by the shallow end, but after you get out a little ways there really isn't much to worry about. I've swam in worse when I was a kid! So we'll probably try to hit up a couple of the other Madison beaches this summer and figure out which one we like best. After the beach we went to Perkins for dinner and then went to Angel Park to play!

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