Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grilled Fish Steaks

So I just finished Day 26 of the 30 Day Shred, and I actually did Level 3. I will admit I cheated a bunch this time, but I'm still sweating like a pig! Only 4 more days to go! Going to jump in the shower in a bit, just wanted to jump on here quick before I did.

Yesterday we tried another new recipe from allrecipes.com - Grilled Fish Steaks. Carol recommended dumping the fish in milk first to take out some of the fishy flavor, so Scott did that. Also one of the reviews for the recipe recommended putting tin foil down before you grill them, which totally makes sense since fish has a tendency to start falling apart, so we did that to. We did not have the time to marinade the recipe as long as it calls for, only for about fifteen minutes. The fish tasted good, I wouldn't say great, but we really aren't much of fish people. The reason for trying this is we're trying to add more fish to our diets, cause we probably only eat it once or twice a year. So we're going to shoot for once a month for now, even though we should be eating it more often. This recipe was a good enough starter to try again, maybe next time we'll be able to marinade it for longer and maybe add a few little things to make it better for us.

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