Monday, June 20, 2011


So tonight I finished Day 25 of the 30 Day Shred.....only 5 more days to go! I should probably be doing Level 3 by now, but I'm not. I've done level 2 a couple of times, but pretty much have stuck with Level 1 since. It's a good work out without making me feel like I'm going to die....... I'll be finishing with it on Saturday, then taking June 26th-July 4th off, then starting all over again. I'll probably stick to Level 2 most of the time this round.

So Saturday was the first day Savannah got 2 meals during the day. For dinner she is currently on Bananas & Asparagus, so to mix things up for her we gave her Avocado spread on bread and Cheerios. I know she really can't pick up the Cheerios yet, but I figured this would help her work on her dexterity and eventually she'll be able to get them in her mouth. She still isn't swallowing a lot, but I know she got a little at least, there were a couple of times I saw the bread go in without it getting spit back out.

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