Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I really should start getting ready for the day...........but I feel like being lazy right now, lol. After we do the strawberries & Jam, then we have a graduation party to go to, and then we are going to the Great Dane tonight for dinner to celebrate my birthday a night early, yummy, can't wait!

So after swimming in the pond, using the paddle boat, and then swimming a little bit in the pool we went over to the park. I have never put Savannah in a swing, and unless Jim & Pat have and I don't know about it, this was Savannah's first time in a swing. I got her giggling like crazy in the swing, I think she loved it! I can't wait until we get a swim set in our own backyard so I can take her on it more often (we got Connor one for his birthday that we are going to set up next Saturday, but shhhhhhhh he doesn't know!)

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