Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Dinner

So we were suppose to be going to the Milwaukee Zoo today, but that got canned........darn! Stupid weather! Oh well I guess, we'll have to think of something else to do today........or just lounge around all day since it was a pretty crazy busy weekend.

So last night a bunch of us went to the Great Dane off of Cottage Grove Road to celebrate my birthday. I got a Cajun Chicken Sand which, and YUMMMMM it was so good! Scott got the Meat Loaf Again (we went there with the Jarrel Clan in March), and Connor got the Dinosaur Nuggets. Savannah ended up eating a sweet potato fry, green beans, and some baked apple with cinnamon on it. Afterwards the Veith side came over and we ate cupcakes and I got to open presents. I got a lot of Gift Cards to Best Buy, which is what I wanted, because I want to purchase a new digital camera before Disney next year. I also got some cook books I asked for, a school memory (for Connor) book, a Dale Jr. flash drive, a clear shower curtain (we needed!), a shirt, juicer, and a gift card to Marcus Theatres, which will come in handy cause we'll probably take Connor to go see Cars 2.

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