Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodbye 6-9, Hello 9-12

So Scott's mid-term was due last night, which he got done by about 8 o'clock! Hopefully he did good on it, I checked it for him and I think he'll get at least a B on it, but who knows for sure. Now I have a huge Marketing assignment due tonight, which now I have 29% of part 1 done, so only 71% left of part 1 and all of part 2 to do..........ugh! It might be a long night....... guess I wont get a chance to watch my Thursday night shows tonight.

So yesterday I decided it was time to pack away all of Savannah's 6-9 month clothing, and bring out all the 9-12 month clothing. A lot of brands don't actually have 9 month clothing, so we're pretty limited, but it should be enough to get us by until her 1st birthday. She probably could have stayed in 6 month clothing a little longer, but we really didn't have many warm clothes for her to wear and with the temperatures staying in the 60's and even down in the 50's, it was time to bust out some warmer clothes!

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