Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pumpkin Puree

So we're 2 weeks into our new schedule and the good news is Connor no longer cries when I drop him off at school! He just gives me a kiss, smiles at me,and goes in! YAY! My baby is growing up so fast!! Also, Savannah has 3 teeth with 3 more about to come in, and I swear she's going to crawl any day now......but I guess I keep saying that, but it's true........she's so close.........she just needs to go! One of these times she will, it could be today, it could be 2 months from now.......especially if she's going to be stubborn like her brother!

So after planting our garden (that at times looked like it was on steroids, lol) months ago, we finally have orange pumpkins!! We're keeping 4 of them to carve right before Halloween, and the rest of them I'm going to turn into pumpkin pies. Have you ever made a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin out of your own garden? Well I sure haven't! But I found this recipe online to make them from ordinary jack-o-lantern pumpkins, so I figured I'd have to give it a try. As I'm not in the need for a pumpkin pie right now and 2 of my pumpkins were ready I just turned it into pumpkin puree and put it in the freezer for now. My 2 pumpkins made a hearty 4 cups of puree, which will be enough for 2 pies later on. I ended up cooking the pumpkin 2 different ways, 1 in the microwave and 1 in a steamer basket, I couldn't fit all of it into just one way, and I didn't want it to take all night. Can't wait to actually make the pie out of it, I sure hope it tastes good!

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