Saturday, September 3, 2011

Christian's 15th Birthday

Long weekend..........didn't really accomplish to much today.......finished a book, made some BBQ (both which I'll post more about later), but other than that we've been pretty lazy......ordered some Pizza Hut for dinner (wings, pizone & some cheese bread). Now both kids are passed out, Savannah in her swing, and Connor in Scott's lap while watching football.

So yesterday Christian turned 15 years old, crazy! I remember going with Aunt Missy to one of his Dr. appointments when he was a baby, and now he's like a foot taller than me! You don't realize how quickly time goes by and how quickly people change unless they're younger than you. Last Sunday we celebrated his birthday at Aunt Missy's where I made a Cherry Chip cake(in the shape of a 15) with butter cream frosting & gave him a gift card to Best Buy. I hope he had a great birthday even with having to start high school this week!

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