Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cheese Sauce

So today was Connor's 4th day of school.........and he cried.....and didn't want me to leave him.........does it get easier?? Thankfully there was another teacher watching so she came in and took his hand and said lets go give Mrs. Hewitt (his teacher) a good morning hug, so he reluctantly went with her and Savannah and I quickly snuck out the door. I really hope he starts liking school. I want him to be more successful than Scott & I are, which means he NEEDS school!

This past Sunday we were suppose to go to Aunt Missy's for dinner, but she text me and canceled. Therefore it was up to me to make dinner......something I wasn't looking forward to. Well Scott had 1/2 of his squash left, we made some garlic toast, potatoes & carrots cut up into little squares(with 2 cloves of garlic and some Onion Onion - tastefully simple) and I also made some broccoli & cheese sauce to go over it. Scott does not like broccoli but he said if I make this cheese sauce he'll eat it every day of the week. He liked it that much! I really liked it to and it reminded me of the cheese sauce my step-dad made when I was a kid, not sure how close the recipe is but I'm assuming its pretty darn close.

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