Thursday, September 15, 2011

She's My Little Peanut

It's Thursday night. Connor's 1st full week of school is almost complete. Every day it seems to be worse dropping him off, but supposedly he does fine after I leave. He almost made it the whole day today without asking "when is it time to go home", his teacher said he almost made it and asked in a funny way. Connor:Are you ready? Teacher:Am I ready for what? Connor: Are you ready to tell me it's time to go inside and then it's time to go home? LOL!

So Monday night was Savannah's 9 month check up. And she's still my little peanut! At her 6 month check up she was 14.5 lbs and 27 inches, and 3 months later she comes in at 17lbs (15.17%) and 27.5 inches (42.89%). To compare my children, Connor at his 9 month check up was 20lbs and 29 inches. - it should be interesting to see if Savannah continues on this growth chart or if she shoots up soon. Her 1 year appointment is schedule for December 5th.

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