Thursday, September 1, 2011

3/4 of a Year

So it's already September, crazy, right? After work I ran out to Jessica & Justin's house and picked a bunch of tomatoes & jalapenos. After that I went home, ate quickly then we headed out to pick up their farm share since they aren't in town to get it themselves. We got some red kale, beans, broccoli, tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers, garlic, a squash & 2 chickens. Unfortunately 2 tomatoes didn't make it since Scott put the broccoli on top of them so the got smushed.........grrr! Now I'm up to 53 pounds of tomatoes in the freezer and .75 pounds of hot peppers (habanaros, jalapenos and some other kind of peppers mixed)!

So Miss. Savannah is 9 months old today, can you believe it? I can't! The last month has been fun. She learned to clap within the last week, she does this popping sound with her mouth now, she got her 1st tooth about 2.5 weeks ago and loves playing with it with her tongue. She also got stung by her first bee up at Devils Lake and she tried a bunch of new food that she loved: black olives, fish, chicken & Gerber Puffs. She is also so close to crawling (when she does it'll be from a sitting position not from laying on her stomach), but even though she can't she sure can get into things! For about a week this month she was only get up once at night, but this week has been horrible (3-4 times a night), I read online that there is a thing as a 9 month sleep I'm pretty sure that is what we're dealing with right now.............ugh!

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