Sunday, September 18, 2011


So Jessica should be here pretty soon to start working on our Habanaro Jelly (will post more on that later)! We just finished up cleaning up from breakfast and Scott cleaned up the living room from when the girls were over here yesterday. Now Scott & Connor are trying to figure out what movie to watch..........probably some dumb boy movie, lol!

So after Ella's Birthday party yesterday Scott started bowling for John (while he recovers from his surgery that he'll have on Monday)so we all went to watch. While there, John & Carol gave us the movie Rio. So of course we had to watch it right away when we got home last night, but it was a little late so we didn't end up finishing it. So first thing this morning Connor had to watch it. It's really a super cute movie, and I had actually put it on Connor's Christmas List for this year (I'll have to cross that off!). I think any little kid would enjoy watching this and any adult who enjoys a good kids movie every once and awhile.

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