Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baked Kale Chips

So today was my last day working full-time! Which is exciting because I get to spend more time with my kids and sad because that means Connor is starting school tomorrow! Connor goes to school 8:15-10:50, so I will be dropping him off & picking him up, then dropping both kids off at grandmas & then working 12-5.

So in part of Jessica & Justin's farm share that we picked up last week was Red Kale. What is red kale? Well I honestly didn't know what it was so I googled it before we picked it up. Still not really sure what to expect with it we decided to look up a recipe for Kale Chips (suggested by the lady at the farm share place). So on I found a recipe for Baked Kale Chips. I only used up 1/2 of the Kale that we got, I used Garlic Pepper (tastefully simple) and after reading some of the comments I only baked them for 8 minutes. Well they tasted interesting.......most of them are still sitting on the table......and I probably will never try this recipe again.......but maybe I just don't like Kale? I'm not sure.....I think someone who enjoys or has actually had Kale before should try this recipe because I can't give a very good review on it.

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