Saturday, October 1, 2011

10 Months Old

Brewers just won the first game of the play offs and now we're hoping the Cardinals do the same! Wouldn't that be awesome for the Cardinals and the Brewers to face off in the play offs? If they do, Scott & I already decided we have to figure out a way to go and see one of the games! It'll be hard though for the Cardinals to beat the Phillie's, but right now they're winning 3-0! (but it's only the first there is lots of game left to play)

So today Miss. Savannah is 10 months old! And what a month we've had! First off, she's had a nasty cold almost all month, boo! She has also gone from 1 tooth to 5 teeth in a matter of 2 weeks! So it's been a pretty miserable month. However, she has learned many new things this month! She learned how to pull herself up, she learned to sit up from laying down and she also learned how to crawl!! Connor didn't crawl until 12.5 months, so this is awesome! She's so tiny so she looks even cuter when she crawls! She isn't very fast yet, that'll take a little time, but she can definitely get around. We just bought 2 new baby gates (one for the stairs and one for Connor's room), and I'm in the process of "baby proofing" the rest of the house! Her favorite "new" foods of the month were probably ice cream & salmon. Hoping this next month isn't quit as eventful, cause we could all use a break! Only 2 months until her first birthday, and all the decorations have been ordered!

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