Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween At The Zoo

Scott is currently giving the kids a bath while I'm playing on the computer. I really should be working on cleaning Connor's room but I do not have any motivation to do it. We did get all the DVD's put away, so that's something at least! There is just always so much to do it's kind of depressing.........does it ever get easier? Will everything ever get done?

So this past Sunday we went to the trick or treating that the Henry Villas Zoo was hosting. The weather was great for it, unfortunately it was a HUGE disappointment. We waited in line for 20 minutes to get 2 tattoo's that Connor ended up losing because he was twisting his bucket around, and then 20 minutes later we came to another person with more tattoos. After that we waited a few more minutes and couldn't even see the next "station", so we left. It was overcrowded, which we expected, but there was definitely not enough stations. There is no reason why we should have had to wait over 20 minutes in between stations. It was ridiculous and it just got me frustrated and pissed off. Will NOT be going back there for Halloween again! That up side was the kids got to wear their costumes and it was fun seeing all the other costumes kids had on.

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