Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orange Belt

So the Fall semester is just about 1/2 way done. I have my 2nd of 4 tests in my Employment Law class due on Saturday night. I currently have an A, so I hope to continue. I've had 3/7 Marketing Assignments done, and currently holding an A down in that as well. I think I figured out if I pretty much get all A's in my remaining classes and retake my Psychology class and get at least a B in it, I'll graduate with honors! (3.75 or higher :) ) Scott has his final in his Windows 7 class due on Friday, and I think he will get at least a B if not an AB or A! Then next week he starts his PowerPoint Class.

So yesterday at Karate Connor upgrade from the white belt (what you get when you first start) to his orange belt. Scott said he could barley see the "ceremony" because right now the Park & Rec program in Sun Prairie has a class going on, so there is like a dozen kids in Connor's Karate classes during the week. But it's super exciting! I wish they would have given it to him on Saturday so I could see it, but I guess they probably wanted to do it in front of as many kids as possible. He's been going for about 2 months and most weeks he goes 3 times a week, so yay! I'm super excited. The price is so much more worth it than gymnastics was. Not that gymnastics wasn't fun for Connor, but for $10 more a month he gets 2 extra classes a week, and I think Karate will end up being a very good thing for Connor. Oh, and FYI he goes to Karate America, don't know if I mentioned that before or not. I highly recommend them if you are interested in enrolling your kids!

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