Tuesday, June 5, 2012

These Things Hidden

So, if you currently live in the state of Wisconsin, did you go out and vote? Today was an important vote and actually the only time I've voted besides the presidential elections (2 of those now). I keep checking on CNN at the updated results and it's looking to be in favor of Walker. I guess we wont know for sure until tomorrow though, so I'll keep checking in hopes that it changes.

So for this past book club we had to read These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf. This is her second book that she's released (her first one we also read for book club almost 2 years ago, and her 3rd book will be released later this month). I really enjoy her style of writing. From the get go she sucks you into the story and only reveals bits and pieces along the way, making you want to keep reading. I enjoy her writing so much that I've written in my planner the day the next book comes out so I can request it from the library.

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