Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hey, do any of you play the Monopoly game at Copps? We do, even though the majority of our groceries are purchased at Woodman's once and awhile we pick up a few things at Copps since it's a lot closer (which wont happen in the fall when the new Woodman's opens, yay!!) Anyways, Scott stopped last night for a few things and I was just getting around to looking at the game pieces, and we won a $100 Grocery Gift Card, yay! That's definitely useful right now with all the food we'll have to purchase for Connor's B-Day party!

So while we were re-doing our floors I decided to finally pull down all of our blinds in our kitchen. They were old and disgusting, and Savannah got a kick out of pulling out parts of the blinds, so finally I had enough and tore them down. Then after looking around, I realized our sliding glass door needed something new too. It was old, and had those metal pieces in the bottom to weigh it down - which the kids played with and most of them were now missing. So approximately $250 later we had new cloth, cordless blinds for our 5 windows in the kitchen and a new cordless brown covering for our sliding door! We got them all at Menard's and as always we were very happy with our experience. It looks TONS better!! I'm so happy we finally did it. Now we just have the bedroom windows to re-do!

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