Wednesday, June 13, 2012

18 Months Old

I'm so hungry!! Ahhh! But I REFUSE to eat this late at night! So I'll just have to sit here and ignore my rumbling stomach. I could go to bed, but what fun would that be? Then I wouldn't be able to  post several posts tonight (this being #3, and this will either be my last or second to last for the night, we'll see!)

So almost 2 weeks ago, June 1st, Miss. Savannah turned 18 months old. Where did the time go? She is finally starting to say a few words here and there (but only when she wants to, if you ask her to, she wont do it). She's also learned how to climb on everything (more so than before, if that's even possible!) and nothing is out of reach to her. If she can't reach it, she'll figure out a way to move something to get what she wants. She is just the funniest little person, who just has way to much personality for her size, which is exactly why I call her Tink (Tinkerbell - little with attitude). Also to note, I finally upgraded her to size 18 month clothing! Thank you Katie for providing us with so many cute Lily clothes! I love this little "naughty" girl and can't imagine my life without her.

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