Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AJ Turns 2

Okay, last post of the night. It's after 10:30, and I'm getting pretty tired. I went to bed late last night and today at work was just "one of those days". Did I ever mention that Connor signed up for Tennis Camp this summer? I gave him the option between Basketball, Wrestling & Tennis, and he chose Tennis. And guess what? I received an e-mail today stating the class is cancelled because there was no instructor available. WTF, I'm a little ticked off..... now I have to try and convince Connor to do Basketball Or Wrestling camp because I really want him to try something new this summer.

Almost 2 weeks ago we headed out to Marshall to Celebrate AJ's 2nd Birthday! I really can't believe that this little guy is 2, which means before we know it Savannah will be 2! Craziness!! The Browne family parties are always fun with good food and yummy cake. For his birthday we gave AJ a pair of shorts and a matchbox truck. A really cool birthday surprise he received was getting to take a lap around the block in a real racecar, and all the kids got to climb in and sit in it too! I hope his birthday was amazing, even though he wont remember it when he is older, but I hope he'll be able to tell from all the pictures how much he is loved!

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