Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Girl Who Played With Fire

The weekend is just about over. I'm actually the only one awake right now, everyone else is passed out in my room. It's so funny. I spent so much time planning and decorating super cute rooms for both kids but yet almost every night (and for Savannah that is 100% every night) they both sleep in our room. I know some people think kids need to sleep in their rooms, but want to know what? Kids grow up to fast. If they want to sleep in our room I'll let them.

So recently I finished reading book 2 of Stieg Larsson's series - The Girl Who Played With Fire. These books are pretty large and I'm always a little intimidated by them at first, but I end up reading them fairly quickly. Although, like the first one there is some of the back story that I find a little boring and not always 100% necessary I enjoy the book overall. This second book leaves you hanging and leads you right into the third book (which I've started now). Can't wait to finish the series! No idea what I expect for the ending!

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