Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Trip To The Zoo

Okay, I know I've been about 2-3 weeks behind on most of my posts, so since everyone is in bed sleeping (except me) I'm going to try and get a couple done back to back now. So, hopefully you can keep up with my lightning speed (for a limited time only, lol) and catch everything we have had going on the last couple of weeks!

So Sunday of Memorial Day weekend Chrissy & I decided to take all four kids to the zoo (had to get the kids out of the house while they were finishing up the floor at home). It was quit the adventure let me tell ya, lol! The kids had a blast and we didn't really stay all that long (to hot!). Both of my kids ate before they went to the zoo and they should have been just fine waiting until we got home to have a snack but Connor now knows that Aunt Ki-Ki is always loaded with goodies to eat, so we had to stop twice for them to munch, lol! I'm glad we had a chance to go to the zoo already this year because today it was posted on FB that the female lion has passed away, how sad!

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