Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Floor

Wow, where has the weekend gone? We spent the majority of the weekend over at the Moore's house getting their deck built. I also started my accounting 1 homework , which the class starts tomorrow night. I'll be there every Monday & Thursday night basically until Christmas (with a couple of week break in August). So, if I go missing for awhile, don't worry, I'll try to keep updated as best as I can.

So a couple of weeks ago we finally got around to replacing the flooring in our kitchen & living room. We still need to do our bedroom and the stairs, but it's definitely a start and it looks so much better. Our kitchen had this vinyl that was suppose to be white (I think) but it didn't matter how many times you cleaned it, it still looked dirty. Our living room had carpet, that at one point didn't look to bad, but ended up being coffee stained (an effort from me & the kids, lol). Now we have a nice wood laminate that we picked up at Menards. Thursday we moved furniture, Friday they ripped up furniture and Saturday & Sunday they laid down the new floor. What do you think?

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