Wednesday, June 20, 2012

18 Month Check Up

So the kids and Scott are outside playing, and I'm taking a little "quiet time", which consists of folding laundry and making this quick post. Sound like fun? Yes, and no - I'd rather be outside playing, but I know I need some quiet time, so it's relaxing. I'm also going to try to dye my hair tonight, but I'm not sure I will have time - we'll see!

Earlier this month Savannah had her 18 month check up and she's perfect, like always. She is still slightly delayed in her speech but she's very advanced in her small & large motor skills and problem solving, and since kids develop at such different rates, she's just fine. Her biggest problem is she wont sit still long enough to learn new words and when she does finally say a new word she will only say it once, if you keep asking her to say it she wont (she said Ella the other day, clear as day, but only once, lol  - stubborn!). She is 32.25 inches tall (62.3% on the WHO chart) and 20lbs11oz (24.7% on the WHO chart). So although she is tall & skinny, she is definitely staying on the same growth line. However, if you look at the dumb CDC chart she's only 5.65% for weight. I'm not sure why they still have that chart out there, it's invalid and makes parents worry. It took me a long time to figure out that the WHO chart more accurately reflects Savannah's growth and the CDC chart is outdated and I can ignore it.

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