Friday, July 13, 2012

Her Last Death

Going camping this weekend. At least this will take my mind off of my test #3 that I took last night. I think I did well but I always question it until I see that score posted - which wont happen until Sunday night or Monday morning probably. I know that it wont be posted until then but that doesn't mean I still haven't checked several times today to see if it's been posted, lol.

On my birthday I finished reading Her Last Death by Susanna Sonnenberg. I enjoyed the story and thought it funny and outrageous at times but I really have a hard time believing that that stuff really happened to her growing up. It's just so ridiculous and horrible at times that it almost feels made up. As long as I pictured it as not-real I enjoyed the story and it was pretty quick read. Since then I've read several other books that I will post about, but currently I am finally reading "Beyond The Sling."

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